You Can’t Build a Business Without It

Relationships must be built on trust.


Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. That’s the definition I Googled.

I got a message in my inbox today with the subject line: You’ll have a HARD TIME selling and recruiting without THIS…

That got my attention. But I opened the email because I trusted the sender. Point taken!

The email talked about how important it is to build trust. And I have been thinking about that all day.

Do you agree that we need to have a basis of trust with our audience. They are watching us and if we want to connect with them we need to be trust worthy.

Funny thing about trust. It is easier to identify the absence of trust. I had a hard time picking a picture to demonstrate trust. There were too many clichés. That lead to thinking about what it takes to gain trust.

What do you need to do to gain trust? You can’t just say you are trustworthy. You must live it.

Here are three simple ways to live trustworthiness.

  1. Be reliable.

Do what you say you will do!

Did you drive two hours not-reliablein bad weather to keep an appointment and the other person stayed home?

You don’t have to write it on your hand.

You live trustworthiness.

Your friends will not react this way when your name is mentioned.

  1. Be Consistent

Do your friends know how you will treat them? Do you treat those who will not buy, the same way you do those who will? Do you behave the same way you do when you are tired as when you feel great?consistent

You don’t have to write it on your hand.

You live trustworthiness.

Your friends will not react this way when your name is mentioned.

  1. Be Honest

You are someone who tells it like it is. Your friends know that when you say something is great, it is. They have seen you lose a sale rather than lie to keep it.

You don’t have to whonestrite it on your hand.

You live trustworthiness.

Your friends will not react this way when your name is mentioned.


Being reliable, consistent, and honest is hard, isn’t it? But, I think you will agree that being trustworthy pays off in big ways.

If you keep those hard appointments, you will be there for the one with your best business partner.

If you continue to treat all people well in every situation, you will surround yourself with people who behave the same way.

If you speak honestly at every opportunity, you will gain more sales than you will lose.



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Thanksgiving Dinner


The holiday feast dates back to November 1621, when the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians gathered at Plymouth for an autumn harvest celebration, an event regarded as America’s “first Thanksgiving.”

While no records exist of the exact bill of fare, the Pilgrim chronicler Edward Winslow noted in his journal that the colony’s governor, William Bradford, sent four men on a “fowling” mission in preparation for the three-day event. Wild—but not domestic—turkey was indeed plentiful in the region and a common food source for both English settlers and Native Americans. But it is just as likely that the fowling party returned with other birds we know the colonists regularly consumed, such as ducks, geese and swans. Instead of bread-based stuffing, herbs, onions or nuts might have been added to the birds for extra flavor.

I googled Thanksgiving dinner menu. Here are some of the results:

From Country Living:

  • Perfect Roast Turkey.
  • Cheese Grits and Corn Pudding.
  • Roasted Sweet Potato Casserole with Praline.
  • Marvin Woods’s Brussels Sprouts, Red Pepper, and Avocado Salad.
  • Potato and Celery Root Gratin.
  • Green Beans with Bacon.
  • Cracked Pepper Dinner Rolls.
  • Pumpkin Pie with Walnut Crust.

I will pass on the grits but the pumpkin pie with walnut crust sounds tempting.

From the Smithsonian Institute a copy of the Thanksgiving Dinner Menu for the Civilian Conservation Corp. in 1935:


The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried men from relief families as part of the New Deal.

I think this menu must have seemed very plentiful in the days of the depression. No family for the men to be with. There must have been a bittersweet quality about the meal. Note the cigarettes on the menu.


Here is a chart of an easy Thanksgiving menu to an advanced Thanksgiving menu.

Easy Menu
Keep it simple and classic
Advanced Menu
Add new twists to the traditional meal

– or –

– or –

– or –

– or –

  • Store-bought rolls or bread

– or –

The year my ex and I separated, the kids and I got the flu just before Thanksgiving. We were acutely feeling the loss of a sense family and so having a “traditional family” dinner wasn’t appealing. Plus none of us had regained our appetites. So we had fondue for Thanksgiving dinner.

Fondue had always been a favorite. It was easy. And maybe the absence of a family member wasn’t felt quite as much.

This year Mom and I will be hosting my youngest sister and her husband. We will be roasting a turkey breast. The turkey will be accompanied by a winter squash casserole, potatoes and gravy, salad greens with raspberry walnut dressing, green beans, pumpkin and cherry pies. I have fixings for a punch but not sure I want to mess with it.

I think we may not get out the china and silver. Everyday table ware and paper plates will keep it simple. After all it isn’t what we eat. It is who we share our meal with.

May you enjoy your meal with loved ones.

May you know true thankfulness which is the best holiday seasoning ever.




I Have A Story That Will Blow You Away…

And more importantly, show you how to finally have success in your business WITHOUT the usual hustle and bustle… rejection… and the struggle almost everyone faces.


Hi, my name is Ferny Ceballos.

I’m a 7-figure earner and marketing specialist with Thousands of students around the world. Many of them have gone on to produce 6-Figure, 7-Figure and even 8-Figure incomes in network marketing, internet marketing and direct sales.

I’ve personally worked one-on-one with some of the TOP earners and industry leaders. But I haven’t come across anyone quite like Julie Burke.

A few months ago I met Julie and was very impressed with her astonishing results.

In less than 4 years Julie leaped to the top of her company… built a huge team of 8,300 people… and made over $750,000 in commissions, overrides and bonuses.

But after revealing some of the details on HOW she built her business, my jaw hit the floor.

I bet you haven’t seen too many people climb to the top of the leaders board of ANY network marketing company…

  • Without chasing friends, family and neighbors.
  • Without calling a single person.
  • Without any kind of advertising, neither online or offline.
  • And without even having a website.

Julie’s never put together her ‘warm market list.’ Hasn’t made a single cold call. She didn’t struggle a day (which is unheard of in our business)… as a matter of fact… she had 45 people REACH OUT TO HER in the first 12 days of her network marketing career. And…

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fb_img_1479747852200Julie skipped chasing friends and family… doing home parties… dragging people to meetings… and other such shenanigans. She was a Six-Figure earner just 12 months later. Building her entire business and a very healthy multi-Six Figure residual income with super effective and very straightforward Social Media tactics… without any kind of gimmicks.

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Lisa Koch
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Heather Glaze
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Thanksgiving Remembered


Why do you suppose that many people call tomorrow’s holiday Turkey Day?

For one thing, many people won’t even eat turkey. For sure the vegans won’t. But some people will have beef or duck or ham or salmon or spaghetti or pig’s head. I’m not sure about the last item. But Walmart had six or seven pig’s heads in their freezer case.

Back to possible answers to my question.

Maybe people don’t feel thankful. But how could that be? How could that be in this country? We are the most blessed country on earth. Despite the last election. Despite the growing number of homeless. Despite the troubling number of children who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Despite the deaths.

You know that we have plenty of difficult issues festering in America but compared to what our ancestors faced we have it good. Compared to what other parts of the world are dealing with we have it wonderful.

I remember living in post-civil war Spain in the early 1960’s. I saw people who considered my family rich. We weren’t. Not by American standards. I think sometimes my mother ran out of money before she ran out of month. But we were rich in so many ways.We hired a Spanish maid. Until we got into a house that would hold our family, we rented two apartments. We were rich by Spanish standards at that time.

As a non-profit director of a ministry that received donations for our clients I saw further proof of our riches. When expectant mothers came in for supplies for their babies, I noticed that they looked for matching items with a specific theme. I knew that there were mothers in other parts of the world that didn’t expect matching or a theme. They wanted warmth and protection for their child.

We are a bit like Max, our little blessing of a Chihuahua. He has a warm home with two women with ample laps who lavish love on him. He has a huge back yard that is all his. The house is pretty much his as well. He has many human and dog friends who come visit frequently. But right now, he is making the most pitiful sounds. He is half growling and half crying. The dogs next door are out and he wants to be out with them. So, he feels like he is not blessed. At this moment, he is not thankful.

Or maybe Thanksgiving lost its name because some TV or radio announcer got clever one year and coined Turkey Day. We were amused and adopted it. Maybe it rolled off our tongue a little bit easier. We are fond of turning everything into an acronym or label.

Or maybe in our era of discounting the value of our heritage Thanksgiving Day just wasn’t very palatable. Turkey Day was so much easier to swallow.

Do we struggle with the picture of a community that had so much less than we have today kneeling to Almighty God in Thanksgiving?

Do we struggle with the picture of a community of Native Americans helping a community of immigrant Americans?

Do we struggle with being thankful even though we don’t have what we want?

I am reminded of one of my ancestors who arrived on the Concord in the 1600’s. He was part of 13 families who joined William Penn to establish German Town. They faced extreme hardship. But they left a continent where religious freedom and opportunity to prosper was lacking. They must have been filled with thanksgiving for the relatively large tracts of land they would struggle to develop and maintain. They faced adversity that is difficult for you and me to relate to. You and I face adversity that would be difficult for them to relate to. They would be clueless. You and I are clueless.

We would be clueless unless we remember Thanksgiving.

I have a friend who is struggling with keeping her health while caring for injured and sick adult children. Her daughter was near death a short time ago. Now my friend reports of her daughter’s miraculous recovery. My friend’s son faces surgery. And she is struggling physically no doubt because of the strain of the last few months. I don’t believe that this year she is clueless. She is thankful for her family. She is thankful for their health. She is thankful.

I have a friend who is packing up her house to move across the country tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day. She will be leaving precious grandchildren to care for a dear mother. I don’t believe that this year she is clueless. She is thankful for modern technology that will keep the grandchildren close. She is thankful for her supportive husband. She is thankful that most of us won’t be on the roads tomorrow. She is thankful that she can care for her mother. She is thankful.

You have similar stories. We aren’t always clueless. Let’s not be clueless this year.

Let us be thankful.






If you are comfortable selling, they will be comfortable buying!


Don’t you hate it when you realize that you have just made your best friend uncomfortable because you have invited her – again – to look at your product?

To me it is worse than having her say no.

I was called to network marketing over six years ago, when I was leaving the nonprofit organization that I loved, to care for my mother.

I had been exposed to network marketing for years before and although I even had tried starting my own “party plan” company to market my Cottage Crafts and Creations company, I was not comfortable with network marketing.

My discomfort was the worst obstacle to building my business.

I didn’t quit. I kept going to the events. My belief grew. My network marketing skills grew. And I became less uncomfortable and more successful.

Last year I was getting good at sharing. I was ready to move forward and then Mom’s health needs changed my ability to do the business. I was spending my days and nights with Mom in a nursing care center. She did go home after a month and a half but I then needed to stay home with her. My ability to work my business changed dramatically.

At that time, I discovered internet marketing. At first, I saw potential for me to earn money with my writing. At the time, I didn’t realize it would also be the best tool for me to build my network marketing business.

And I started a journey towards where I am today. I have learned and embraced using attraction marketing.

It has transformed the way I interact with people both in my business and personal relationships.

And on Black Friday I will be learning the ultimate tool for network marketers who want or need to use the internet and specifically the social media to build their business.

So back to my subject line. If you are comfortable selling, they will be comfortable buying.

How are you most comfortable sharing/selling your business and products?

Are you still looking for that method?

Network marketing has evolved over the decades. And that is a good thing.

Now, Julie Burke, a pioneer in using the social media to recruit and teach her team to duplicate what she does will be sharing her method and skill sets with you.

Julie built her network marketing business:

  • Without chasing friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Without calling a single person.
  • Without any kind of advertising, neither online or offline.
  • And without even having a website.

Julie’s never put together her ‘warm market list.’ Hasn’t made a single cold call. She didn’t struggle a day (which is unheard of in our business) … in fact… she had 45 people REACH OUT TO HER in the first 12 days of her network marketing career. And…

Made $2,300 In the First Month

But the most important fact for you and I is that Julie was able to teach her downline to do what she did.

What Julie does is duplicatable. That is key for network marketers, won’t you agree?

You have learned from dynamic and successful network marketers what they did but you weren’t comfortable doing it yourself. And if you aren’t comfortable your friends and family won’t be comfortable.

Now you can have another tool in your network marketing toolbox.

Julie Burke will be teaching us how she did it and how we can teach our teams to do it.

The training is available to you for the first time and it will be live. That means you can ask Julie your questions.

You can purchase the training for half the price that it will be offered for after midnight on Cyber Monday. It will still be available for purchase but you will pay twice the price.

You have until Friday, November 25th, before 1 p.m. EST to purchase and register for the live training. (But don’t wait until the last minute!)

You have until Monday, November 27th, at midnight EST to purchase the recorded training at the discounted price. Either way you will have access to the recording so that you can reference it again.

You don’t want to miss this.

Here is the link for all the information.

Oh, by the way. If you purchase the training during this special introductory period, 40% of the purchase will go to Heifer International.

Heifer International is a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities.

And here is my disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Elite Marketing Pro and will receive part of the purchase price for the Social Media Recruiter training. And you are an intelligent person. You know that we should not expect to have Julie Burke’s results. I don’t know about you but I will be glad for just being able to continue to work my business from home where I can care for my Mom. I will be glad to have another tool in my toolbox that I can comfortably share a great company and awesome products. I will be glad to be able to duplicate this with my business team.

How about you?



How to Be Rich

Would you agree that being rich is more important than getting rich?

Did you know that if you are making $37,000 or more you are in the top 10 per cent of the world’s population?

If you are making $74,000 or more you are in the top 1 per cent of the world’s population.

But you could well fall into one of those categories and tell me that you don’t feel rich, couldn’t you?

Rich is a moving target. It can’t be easily defined. Or can it?

Here is a video of a sermon I heard when I visited my daughter’s church on Sunday.

Pastor Keith shares a lot of wisdom in the 40 minutes of this video. I challenge you to forget your busy schedule and sit down and listen to it all the way through.

Then let’s talk about it. Reach me here.

What Funds Your Life?

What is your passion? Are you getting paid to be involved with your passion?

Have you found your purpose in life? It’s most certainly tied to your passion.


Back when I had to work for a living I often found myself saying, “If I have to work, I’m glad it is this job. But this job is not my life – it funds my life.”

The truth is I was a good employee when I had to be one but it wasn’t my passion.

I am grateful that today I get to follow my passion. I am earning money helping people and making a difference.

I learned that having another person read my blog and comment is what makes my day.

When I introduced a couple who was worrying about how they were going to be able to retire they told me that they had been praying for the business I introduced them to. That was more fulfilling for me than the monthly residual income their business brought to me.

But I was held back by my own mindset. I needed personal development to move forward successfully.

Have you found this to be true in your growth?

You and I have to keep growing personally for our businesses to flourish. To help others you have to be helped. It seems ironic but it is true.

You are like a tea pot. It has to be filled or it won’t pour out.

So I am glad to be able to introduce you to one of the individuals who has helped fill me.

I was first introduced to T. Harv Eker when my daughter gave me his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. It offered much more for me than the title implies.

The best part of this book was helping me understand how I look at money and wealth.

Did you know that what you learn from parents, school, friends and many other influencers can sabotage how you treat money and how that can keep you from achieving your purpose in life?

This book and the money blueprint will be truly eyeopening for you.

I highly recommend the book. It makes a great gift or personal read.

You would also love this free training with T. Harv Eker.

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Passive Income

pool-115850And Can You Get It?

Yes, you can. But it will take some activity on your part in the beginning, with one exception.


The one exception is if you start life with money in the bank. Then you start out with money to invest. You also have a good chance of being educated on how to make the most of your investments.

But since you are reading this I suspect that you will need to work hard to earn extra income to invest. It is one of the best forms of passive income.

You will need to have the knowledge to invest wisely or hire an expert to advise you. And although there is little work involved you have to manage your investments. You should not put your hard earned funds in a bank and forget about them.

Still, those who start early, exercise disciplined spending and wise investing can see a nice stream of passive income come to them in their retirement.

Develop a New Idea or Invention

This form of passive income depends upon your ingenuity and hard work to develop something no one else has thought of. Then selling at a huge profit and then investing those funds.

Colonel Sanders is an example. He started selling fried chicken during the depression. He understood the value of franchising an idea. The first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened in 1952.

When the business grew too large for Sanders he sold it to a group of investors. He was 62 when his first franchise opened and 74 when he sold to the investors.

If you have an idea that would make life simpler and easier for folks. Develop it and then reap the rewards.


Writing a best selling book series like Harry Potter or singing like Michael Jackson will bring you passive income. But for every J.K. Rowling there must be hundreds, maybe thousands, of writers like me.

I have written two novels. One I edited, had friends read it and love it, and then I reedited. Still when all was said and done I knew that it was not something I wanted to invest more time in. The second novel was finished and since then I have not even read it.

I will still write another novel. The first two were great learning experiences. But I am not counting on my writing for passive royalty income.

But you may be the next J.K. Rowling or Michael Jackson. If you are a performer there are several opportunities for you to be “discovered.” If you believe in your story or your talent be persistent. J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before the 13th publisher let his 8 year old daughter read the first chapter of Harry Potter. She demanded the second chapter and now the whole world has heard of Harry Potter.

You just never know what will happen when you persistently believe in yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a way to earn considerable money and it is easy to fit into your schedule. I am not sure that it ever becomes truly passive income. But, come on, if you are working for a couple hours on your laptop at poolside in the Bahamas, is it really work?

The trick is to find good products to represent and acquire a sizable email list. I have learned a lot about this marketing in the last year. There are good companies and there are not so good companies. I’m not going to name any of them here. But if you are interested contact me.

Network Marketing

A good network marketing or multi-level marketing company has residual income that you can build to be a nice retirement fund. It is like royalties. You have to work to build a team but when that team is established your income keeps coming based upon the sales volume of your team.

Too many people overestimate how quickly this can happen and believe that it comes with just a little work. It takes work, persistence and finding the right company and products. But if you put in the work and time you will probably underestimate how large the return can be.

The beauty of network marketing is that the initial investment capital required is relatively small in comparison to the potential return. For the less economically advantaged there is the opportunity to create “sweat” equity.

I am convinced that I will see more retirement money from my network marketing business than my future novel. The MLM money will enable me to promote my novel so I get the supreme fulfillment of being read.

Want information about my network marketing business? Want to join me and make money for your future? Click here.

Remembering Billy E. Garrett

20161111_223148My Dad passed away two days after Thanksgiving in 1990.

Most of his family had been with him on Thanksgiving day. It was a beautiful November that year. The weather was unseasonably warm and instead of worrying about drought we were grateful that the children could spend time releasing their energy outside.

Our smallish house was full of love and family; when Dad began failing on Friday we were able to say our goodbyes personally. Then on Saturday evening while we sang hymns, Dad peacefully went home.

A few years later my writer Mom published Remembering Billy E. Garrett. The cover featured a drawing of a B-17 by his grandson Aaron Morris. She had a book signing at the local book store. We all received a copy at Christmas that year.

For Mom life without her husband moved forward. Fortunately she had many interests and projects that kept her busy.

Then one day she received a phone call. A man asked her if she was the widow of Billy E. Garrett. She said she was. He identified himself as Lt. Col. Bill Sheaves Ret., one of Dad’s crew members on the Tar Fly, the B-17 he flew on in World War II.

Lt. Col. Sheaves explained that there was a model of the Tar Fly in a museum at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Lt. Col. Sheaves invited us to join him for lunch and then he would give us a tour of the museum. He also mentioned a video that he wanted to share with us.

We were thrilled to meet with Lt. Col. Sheaves. He shared stories and information about the missions of the Tar Fly and the story of the last flight of the Tar Fly. The museum was fascinating.

There were displays that depicted a typical day in a prisoner of war camp. I learned things that day my Dad had never mentioned. My sense of Dad’s heroism grew.

Finally, we were invited into a video viewing room. There we were treated to the best part of an already exceptional day. We watched a video called The Last Flight of the Tar Fly. It told the story of that day in September 9, 1943 when German fighter planes shot down the Tar Fly. It indeed showed the actual videos of that aerial warfare and then the video of the crew of the Tar Fly being marched through a French street.

When we were finished watching the video a question occurred to me. Did they make these videos for every family of POW’s? When I asked my question I was told that no; that was not the case. In fact, this video was unique.

We left with DVD copies of The Last Flight of the Tar Fly for each member of the family and a heightened sense of the sacrifice that men and women make for our country.

The story of the Tar Fly is the story of many who have served. May it be a tribute to everyone who has given their all or has been willing to. God bless you.

Here is the link to The Last Flight of the Tar Fly.