Fail Better

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Want good advice?

Get it from someone who has experience.

This quote is from Nobel prize winner Samuel Becket. He lived in the shadow of literature great James Joyce.

He failed a few times as he learned to write in his own style. And he learned well enough to win the coveted prize.

He is best know for his play Waiting for Godot. He even had to wait for success with Waiting for Godot.

I imagine that there were rewrites going on. That each time that he “failed” and he rewrote that he “failed” better the next time.

Success, Napoleon Hill asserts, comes from persistence.

Is it important for you to remember that individuals like Samuel Becket failed before they found success. You bet it is. That information will fuel your persistence as you fail. You will be encouraged to fail better.

Who knows what prize awaits you!

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