Money Doesn’t Matter

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money-515058The whole quote from Baroness Marguerite Dumont is, “Money doesn’t matter. What matters is having it.”

Marguerite should know. Her husband married her for her money. She may have married him for his title; but now it seems she wants only two things. Her husband’s loving attention and to sing – before an audience.

The problem is the Baron has a mistress and the Baroness has no voice.

This creates a comedic story to begin with, but the comedy becomes tragic at the end.

I love stories. And this is a good story. Jesus used stories (parables) to teach truths. And I look for truths in the stories I enjoy.

[I recommend this movie with reservation. It has some adult scenes. It is in French with English subtitles. And there is lots of opera music.]

The Baroness, Marguerite, dreams of singing on the stage.

Marguerite does not hear what everyone else hears. She sings horribly off key. It is so bad that it is funny.

But Marguerite does everything that she can to prepare for the big concert even though her husband and friends do everything to discourage it.

It becomes clear that behind her desire to succeed in singing on the stage is to get her husband’s loving attention.

Marguerite succeeds in making it to the big stage. She has worked so hard that as she silently walks through the tunnel to the stage you are hoping that somehow a miracle will happen.

The suspense builds as the music leads to Marguerite’s poignant solo. Poignant until she begins to sing. If anything her voice sounds worse.

The audience is stunned and then begins to laugh. Marguerite seems just as oblivious to the audience’s laughter as she is her off key voice.

Marguerite is enjoying the glory of the lights, the audience, the moment. She searches for her husband and when she sees him suddenly beautiful sounds come from Marguerite.

It is a short moment of glory and miracle.

Suddenly, Marguerite’s vocal chords rupture, the concert ends and then the tragedy descends.

But here is the truth I gleaned from this movie.

If you have a burning desire and work hard, you will achieve your goal. Marguerite wanted two things: singing on the stage and her husband’s loving attention. She gained both by working hard to sharpen her skill set. It wasn’t really a possible skill set for her to attain. But since she was surrounded by people who supported her in that goal she attained it in spite of the odds.

The take away for you is to succeed:

  • Have a burning desire even if it seems impossible.
  • Surround yourself with people who support you even if they think it is impossible.
  • Don’t you believe for a minute that it is impossible.



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