Progress Equals Perfection

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What is holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams?

Does it feel as if it is impossible?

I heard Eric Worre recently teach an important principle to help us with that defeatist mentality.

Eric said that progress equals perfection.

Here is how he made his case:

You begin by committing to improve by .3%.

That is not very much. You might think that it cannot make very much difference. But you made a commitment. Right? So you keep improving .3% every day. It is so little, as a matter of fact, that it hardly hurts.

At the end of 30 days you have an overall improvement of 9%. Anyone observing your actions might notice a change but they probably don’t. Maybe you don’t either. But you made a commitment and so you keep improving .3% every day.

finance-791348At the end of 6 months you have improved by  54%. Now you can see a difference. Your commitment isn’t why you keep improving. The rewards you are seeing are incentive to keep improving.

At the end of a year everyone around you can see your improvement of 110%.

And you now believe that progress is perfection.


The reason that this works is a explained in Darren Hardy’s book, The Compound Effect, Multiplying Your Success, One Simple Step at a Time. This book is a must read for anyone seeking success.

So decide what it is that you want to succeed at and put Eric Worre’s plan to work.

Pick what you want to achieve.

List what activity will realistically get you there.

Then break it down into small increments that you increase each day.

Be persistent in following through and growing each day.

And You will succeed!

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