Urgency of the Pioneers


I am on my way to a national event in Orlando.

To get to Denver International Airport I crossed Colorado’s high plains which have a beauty all their own. To my left Pike’s Peak was faintly visible in the haze caused by a wild fire to the south. There is an irony in that our part of the country is dry to the point of disastrous fires and the part of the country I am traveling to will soon be drenched in the rains of Hurricane Matthew. I would bring back some of the excess moisture if I could.

But that is not the point of my story. When I am out on Colorado’s seemingly barren plains I often think about the individuals who traveled to Pike’s Peak and other destinations. They often had signs that said, Pike’s Peak or Bust.

Network marketers would recognize that as their “why” – their burning desire that enabled them to push ahead in spite of the hardships they faced. Once they reached their destination they faced more hardship and often isolation from other people.

Napoleon Hill observed successful people for 20 years before he published his famous book, Think and Grow Rich. He concluded that one of the qualities required for success was a burning desire.

The African proverb on which I have based my webinar title says, dig your well before you are thirsty. The logic of that proverb is that it takes time to dig a well. If you wait until you are thirsty you won’t be able to complete the well before you die of thirst.

The challenge is to feel the urgency to dig a well before you are thirsty.

In my webinar I will talk about that.

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I suspect that the pioneers who traveled across America’s new frontier were made up of two groups: those who were digging before they were thirsty and those who were already thirsty.

I think it was easier for the first group because they may have been better prepared.

Yet, when the hardships started, maybe the second group were more likely to keep going. They didn’t have anything to go back to. They had to keep going or perish.

I am now on a plane heading to Florida. I look down and wonder about those individuals who helped establish our country. I am grateful for their contribution.

I am wondering how I would have fared.

Then I remember. I do have a burning desire.   I am digging my well. I am a little thirsty and I think it helps.

Come join me Tuesday, October 11, 2016 for the webinar, Dig a Well, Build an Asset.

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