Character Is Fate

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, A man's character is his fate. Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire (Netflix original series Longmire) is a man of few words and shortened it to character is fate. I like the  abbreviated version. Character is fate. Your character will determine your fate. The good news is that you can develop your character … Continue reading Character Is Fate

Picture perfect?

What is your picture of retirement? Will you be ready to put yourself in the picture? Are you saving enough to retire in your picture perfect setting? When I google retirement obstacles, most results are tied to companies and financial planners who are advising around the concept of saving for your retirement. The problem with … Continue reading Picture perfect?

Progress Equals Perfection

What is holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams? Does it feel as if it is impossible? I heard Eric Worre recently teach an important principle to help us with that defeatist mentality. Eric said that progress equals perfection. Here is how he made his case: You begin by committing to improve by … Continue reading Progress Equals Perfection