Prickles and Roses

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Would you agree that life can be prickly?


It is like a rosebush. There are more thorns than roses. But that doesn’t keep us from planting rose bushes, even rose gardens.

What prickles are you dealing with? It can be with relationships, jobs/business or health, just to name a few.

That is what prezzurepointz is all about. Your prickles amidst the roses are life’s prezzurepointz. This blog is dedicated to finding the roses and enjoying them as we deal with the thorns. One thorn at a time!

Tomorrow a new month begins. Dig a Well, Build an Asset will be October’s focus.

Dig a well before you are thirsty is an African proverb. I believe it was meant to be literal. The world has borrowed its wisdom for a wide range of meanings.

Has there been another time when we needed that wisdom less? If you have already dug your well, you are thinking of people who haven’t. If you haven’t dug your well, you may be thinking it is too late.

It can never be too late. The best time to dig a well is before you are thirsty. But human nature being what it is we are far more motivated to dig a well after we are thirsty. We will be more urgent in our activity and we will never doubt our need for a well.

Soon I will announce my new webinar : Dig a Well; Build an Asset.

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