Prickles and Roses

Would you agree that life can be prickly?


It is like a rosebush. There are more thorns than roses. But that doesn’t keep us from planting rose bushes, even rose gardens.

What prickles are you dealing with? It can be with relationships, jobs/business or health, just to name a few.

That is what prezzurepointz is all about. Your prickles amidst the roses are life’s prezzurepointz. This blog is dedicated to finding the roses and enjoying them as we deal with the thorns. One thorn at a time!

Tomorrow a new month begins. Dig a Well, Build an Asset will be October’s focus.

Dig a well before you are thirsty is an African proverb. I believe it was meant to be literal. The world has borrowed its wisdom for a wide range of meanings.

Has there been another time when we needed that wisdom less? If you have already dug your well, you are thinking of people who haven’t. If you haven’t dug your well, you may be thinking it is too late.

It can never be too late. The best time to dig a well is before you are thirsty. But human nature being what it is we are far more motivated to dig a well after we are thirsty. We will be more urgent in our activity and we will never doubt our need for a well.

Soon I will announce my new webinar : Dig a Well; Build an Asset.

Share this with your friends. See you tomorrow!

Encouraging Words on Exercise


What was your response to the title of today’s blog?

Did you groan because you haven’t been on the cycle or to the gym in over a week?

It seems that finding time and motivation to exercise is difficult. Then when you do exercise you feel like it wasn’t enough!

I have encouraging words for anyone who had that response. I am include myself in the group.

Ironically, I read a Time article that encouraged me in the doctor’s office. Fortunately, it was a followup visit for my mother. No one is ill and it was a good visit.

It was a good visit because we had to wait just long enough for me to read The Exercise Cure as it was touted on the cover and The New Science of Exercise as it was titled on the article page.

Here are the tidbits that encouraged me:

  • Exercise slows aging at a cellular level. They proved that by measuring telomeres that shrink with age. Okay. I don’t know what that means. So read the article.
  • Physical activity is good and much of what we already do counts! Mowing the grass, washing the car, raking leaves.
  • Short, intense workouts can be as effective as longer workouts.

Here is a link to the website article .

But the magazine article had several sidebars with motivating factoids that make it worth the trouble look for at the library or news stand.

(I tested the link and found that it was only available to subscribers. That is $2.99. I found the article by googling The Exercise Cure. It did not have the subscription requirement. But with the subscription you might get the sidebars.)