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This isn’t really about putting on makeup.

When my mom puts on makeup these days I tell her she is beautiful just like she is.

My grandson once told me after I put on makeup that he liked the old grandma better.

Then again it might be about putting on makeup. I have friends who won’t go in public without makeup. They want to put on their best face. Maybe my mom does to.

I am really talking about doing what makes you feel like you are still young. I guess it is mindset in action.

For me, using my True Science skin care regimen and putting a little eyebrow pencil on my nearly nonexistent eyebrows gives me confidence to go into public.

There are other things that my fellow baby boomers may do to keep that young feeling as long as possible.

If age bothers you understate it. Jack Benny celebrated his 39th birthday 41 times. That probably works better than what someone told me recently. He had been telling folks he was in his 50’s. That worked well; until he turned 60. I’m not sure what he is telling folks now.

Avoid doing things that you associate with aging. I have stubbornly refused to join the senior center. It isn’t the cost because it is cheap. But joining in my mind would make me old.

You don’t even have to be rational about it, because I couldn’t wait to get senior discounts. I started asking for them before I reached the golden age (which varies from business to business). More than once when I was told I didn’t qualify because I was too young, I accused them of age discrimination.

I work at not walking and standing like an old person. It doesn’t matter if I look young to you. What matters is that I don’t feel so old. So I suppose it is mostly mindset. But I think that my posture is a little better than it would be if I didn’t play this mind game.

I don’t let my age keep me from trying new things. Sometimes the little voice in my head tells me that I should be careful and I tell the little voice to mind its own business.

I know that many people think that way. My aunt went for a ride on a Harley Davidson to celebrate her 90th birthday. George H. W. Bush, and others, jump out of perfectly good airplanes.

Which allows me to insert this caveat. You don’t have to do things you don’t want to do, to prove you are young.

Putting on your best face means doing the things that make you feel glad to have survived life this far, no matter how many birthdays you have celebrated. You can never start too soon.



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