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The Bible says that a merry heart does good like medicine. The Reader’s Digest borrowed that for one of their monthly features of reader anecdotes, Laughter Is the Best Medicine.

Will laughing, enjoying life, really help us live longer? There are lots of studies that indicate it does.

Maybe, it just makes life’s bitter pills go down more easily and that makes the days and years of our life worth living.

I enjoy a good joke, a funny situation, and a humorous birthday card.

In fact that is what I really want for my birthday. But the fact is most people don’t send cards and when they do they are flowers and lace and poetry.

Will you send me a birthday card? I mean a funny birthday card. I am turning seventy. I need a merry heart – I need medicine.

I don’t give out my address.

That’s where the Arkansas Valley Pregnancy Center comes in. They are willing to let me use their P.O. Box address.

But I am loathe to take advantage of them and desirous to bless families in our community through their ministry.

So, will you send me a funny birthday card and send the Arkansas Valley Pregnancy Center a donation?

Here’s what I will do if you send a really generous donation:

  • Send $25 or more and I will give you a copy of Deliver Me, a compilation of pregnancy center stories – two of them from our Center. I have about 35 books; so this offer is to the first 35 donations of $25 or more.
  • Send $50 or more and I will give you Deliver Me and copy of my book Jubilee. There were only 200 made and I am down to 17. Each book cover is unique and different. Again this offer is while the supply of books lasts.
  • Send $70 or more and I will give you the two books, while supplies last, plus lunch at the Pregnancy Center with Executive Director Judi Cole and Laura Hicks and me. Judi can give you an update on what is happening currently and her vision for the future. Laura and I can share some of the history of what God has done.
  • Send $100 or more and I will give you the above incentives plus a ticket to the OJC Humanities Center, November 10th, to hear Ryan Dobson speak.

So send me a humorous birthday card with your most generous donation to:

Connie Suarez
c/o Arkansas Valley Pregnancy Center
P.O. Box 249
La Junta, CO 81050

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