Nonessential Calories

Connie Suarez

I’ve always struggled with my weight. As a college student my busy schedule and lack of a car kept me from gaining weight.

I tried to gain; but I stayed so skinny I heard lame jokes like you should sue your legs for nonsupport.

After I had my first child I still wasn’t heavy. But I didn’t go back to the bird legs.

Then I had twins. After my daughters were born the doctor encouraged me to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. But I never did. Instead with three young children to care for, my life style and metabolism completely changed. As a result pounds slowly increased. I was uncomfortable and self-conscious.

A divorce upset my life and stole my appetite. I lost 35 pounds in a short time. Unfortunately, as I adjusted to my new life I gained it back.

I was in my middle age years and I was…

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