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[In December 2000, with the help of lots of friends, I self published Jubilee Celebrating Fifty Years in God’s Family.  The book had a beginning and an ending. My life kept unfolding and God had more adventures for me. And my beating heart testifies that God is not finished yet! So now I want to tell the rest of the story; to do that I will start with the beginning. Watch here for more installments.]


                We celebrate a Jubilee as a fifty-year commemoration. Israel celebrated their Jubilee for a whole year. Their observance included freeing all bondmen and restoring mortgaged lands to the original owners. Freedom and restoration are cause for celebration.

                December 29, 2000 is a Jubilee for me. On December 29, 1950, God freed me from sin and restored me to His fellowship. That day was my birth into the family of God. I celebrate that birthday with this book.

                We traditionally give gifts to those who celebrate a birthday. That seems to be a backwards practice. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the child to give a gift to the parents who gave them life? However, parents and children don’t work that way. Parents love to give gifts to their children and children love to receive gifts from – well, everyone.

                As I celebrate my fifty years as a child of God I seek no gifts because I already possess the best gift – eternal life. God promises that He is setting aside lots of other presents for me. He is even now giving me sneak peeks at His lavishness. Instead of receiving gifts I want to give you this book. It isn’t the greatest literature. Nevertheless, it is an accounting of the greatest story, an accounting of God changing a life. Many others tell the story, yet it always has different but amazing details. Because of God’s greatness, my story is great and so is yours. Perhaps you are still living the early chapters of your story. As you read my story remember – yours too is wonderful.

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