Essential Calories

Connie Suarez

Or Disclaimer to Nonessential Calories

Just so you know. I don’t believe maintaining an ideal weight is as easy as substituting chocolate for vanilla. Ah, if it only were.

Truth be told, I do believe it is as simple as burning more calories than we consume. Simple but far from easy.

I have achieved only partial success. Since my decision to change my lifestyle instead of dieting I have not gained, with one exception. Two years ago I was within fifteen pounds of my goal. Then my allergies flared up and required that I take steroids. Steroids have no understanding of the rules. They made me ravenous and I gained ten pounds.

Those ten pounds have been stubborn. I haven’t gained since then; but I haven’t lost.

I am not deterred from what I believe to be the best plan for me. I strive to be active and eat healthy…

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