WebMD’s Worst Sandwich List

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And Better Alternatives

I am frustrated by how many websites give me the information I am looking for.

For instance, I recently Googled anti-inflammatory foods. I wanted a simple list. Instead, a slide show popped up. It seemed like a waste of my time.

Slide presentations and videos are definitely in and lists not so much.

Today I got a link to one more slide show. And something snapped. I have compiled a list of the info in the slide show.

What do you think? Is the list better? Or would you prefer to watch the slide show?

Let me know.

And here is the list:

WebMD’s Worst Sandwiches and Better Alternatives
Schlotzsky’s Calories Fat Sodium
Deluxe Original-Syle Sandwich 980 46 g 3880 mg
Small Chicken Breast Sandwich 330 2 g 1150 mg
Italian Meatball Sub 1530 81 g 3580 mg
Turkey Lite 310 6 g 1270 mg
Meatball Parmigiana 1120 58 g 3640 mg
6 inch Roast Beef & Provolone 430 16 g 970 mg
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Market Fresh Sandwich 800 35 g 2250 mg
Regular Roast Beef Sanwich 360 14 g 970 mg
Burger King
Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich 700 42 g 1430 mg
Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich 410 16 g 830 mg
Signature Chipotle Chicken on Artisan French Bread 840 48 g 2140 mg
Smoked Turkey Breast on Country Bread 430 3.5 g 1790 mg
Boston Market
Homestyle Meatloaf Carver Sandwich 950 39 g 2160 mg
Pulled BBS Rotisserie Chichen Sandwich 620 14 g 1890 mg
6″ Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt 570 28 g 1050 mg
6″ Black Forest Ham Sandwich 290 4.5 g 800 mg
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich 670 33 g 1410 mg
Honey Mustard Snack Wrap 250 8 g 650 mg
Asiago Ranch Club with Homestyle Chicken 670 32 g 1610 mg
Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich 370 7 g 880 mg


And here is the link to the slide show:



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