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Or Disclaimer to Nonessential Calories

Just so you know. I don’t believe maintaining an ideal weight is as easy as substituting chocolate for vanilla. Ah, if it only were.

Truth be told, I do believe it is as simple as burning more calories than we consume. Simple but far from easy.

I have achieved only partial success. Since my decision to change my lifestyle instead of dieting I have not gained, with one exception. Two years ago I was within fifteen pounds of my goal. Then my allergies flared up and required that I take steroids. Steroids have no understanding of the rules. They made me ravenous and I gained ten pounds.

Those ten pounds have been stubborn. I haven’t gained since then; but I haven’t lost.

I am not deterred from what I believe to be the best plan for me. I strive to be active and eat healthy foods. I sort through a lot of fads. I am seeking the closest to the natural diet that was enjoyed millennia ago without being ridiculous. I am looking for balance.

I have my nonessential calories that I avoid so I can eat the essential calories that make me happy and less likely to binge (if I am not on steroids).

There are other essential calories besides chocolate included in my menu.

These essential calories are more likely to receive the approval of the dieticians of the world. Green leafy vegetables. All vegetables with wonderful colors. Whole grains. Food that doesn’t come in a box.

Food that actually tastes great and is satisfying while meeting my nutritional needs.

Foods that are followed by a small portion of my brownie recipe that uses whole grains and healthy sweeteners or dark M & M’s.

Fortunately, I am not looking for a bikini figure. Some of you are smiling at the notion of me in a bikini. Never has happened. Never will. And I am stingy with my use of the word never.


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