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Aging can be a big Prezzure Point.

To be honest, most of my life I haven’t let it be. And recently it has been just plain fun.

Quite by accident I discovered that if I tell someone I will be 70 my next birthday, they say really nice things. Like, “You don’t look a day over 55.”

Okay, what can they say? I know that most people are not going to say, “Goodness, you look old for your age.”

So, I don’t totally believe what they say. Still . . . they might be a little bit right. Just in case they are, here are a few secrets to my youthfulness:

I quit counting at 21. I had reached the legal age for drinking and voting. There was no real reason to age further so I decided to quit at 21!

I never quit looking forward to the future. I retired from being director of the Arkansas Valley Pregnancy Center. But I didn’t retire from life. God brought new opportunities and I embraced them.

I never quit growing as an individual. God called me to network marketing/MLM. That is personal development on steroids. I love who I am as a result. I love that there is more to come.

Those address the mindset of not aging. There are some more tangible factors as well.

I have great genes. My mother and her sisters have all lived past 90.

I have great health. I have made enough good life style choices to not have totally wasted my body. I am doing better as I learn more.

I have great products helping my body. When you take products that work at the cellular level to restore your body’s natural design it can’t be bad.


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